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Wireless Network


If you looking for wireless access point implementation or experiencing wireless issue on existing system such as: lost connection, slow speed, poor signal or simply wireless doesn't show up, we can help you.


What's a wireless or Access Point?


A wireless router or switch is a device used for passing information between a computers through radio wave technology. While a wireless can direct traffic to a local network, a modem is required for Internet access . A wireless does the same job as a wired network, it allows greater mobility for laptops, tablets, smart phone and wireless computers via radio waves.  

Why secure your wireless router?

The default configuration of your wireless router is unsecured. If you do not properly configure it, your wireless can be intercepted and be used by unwanted connection. This can expose your private data, slow your connection and leave you wide open for Malware attack. If someone connects to your unsecured wireless and illegally download files on the Internet, you will be registered and responsible for the offense.

What we do:

  • We Install and configure access point and wireless

  • Configure all equipment to work correctly 

  • Double-check your wireless security

  • Connect all of your computers and devices

  • Secure Wireless Connection