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Service Level Agreement

We schedule a monthly service to ensure you have all your systems running and optimized, reducing the cost of unexpected problems. Organizations today depend on technology to maximize the efficiency of their operations. With our affordable Contract IT services, you will never have to worry about the expense of resolving a network or workstation problem again.

Reduce headache and downtimes! Call Us. Get a quote fast and easy!

Geek-On Consultant provides all the IT services to help you and your business decrease downtime and deliver the peace of mind you need. We put you in a position where your technology issues don’t stand in the way of your company’s service and profitability, we do this all on a flat-rate, easy-to-budget contract. This allows what would normally be a capital expense, to become an affordable operational expense. We eliminate surprise system costs that will always result in more attractive numbers on the long run.

Service Contract

Reduce Costly Downtime

Our proactive solutions prevent downtimes on you business from happening. Using Geek-On Consultant as your complete IT support and service will help and allow your employee to continue working efficiently without the downtime that plagues other companies.

We deliver efficiency! Since we resolved most problems before they occur with our Standard procedures and remote monitoring tools, will significantly reduce interruption of service and downtime. When your software needs updating or troubleshooting critical service, it is done outside of regular business hours, ensuring your workstations are ready to go when your staff arrives for work.

Contract Includes:

  • Hardware & software diagnostics

  • Scheduled visits

  • Telephone and remote support

  • On-site support

  • Recommendations for possible improvements to your system

  • Security vulnerability assessment

  • Verification of data backup system

  • Update of operating system

  • Router, firewall and server log review

  • Schedule routine maintenance

Customer Care Advantages

  • Flexible Services Plans

  • Priority Telephone and Remote Support

  • Priority On-site Support

  • Reduced downtime

  • Priority Consultation 

  • Recommendations for possible improvements


Terms and Conditions


All clients require a yearly contract; G.O.C will maintain the system as set forth in this agreement. Support services do not include parts used in repairs; service on-site will be exclusive for business. G.O.C will provide installation of any new software releases covered in maintenance, will make emergency on-site service call of problems determined by G.O.C. Failure by customer to make timely payment of the fees agreed in the contract will entitle G.O.C to suspend service without giving any prior notice.


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