We troubleshoot and resolved any kind of issues


If you need to invest in a new server for you company or experiencing server issues such as: not able to connect to a program, access files, print or share file. Let's know, we have the experience on purchasing, fixing and upgrading server systems. 

What's a server?


Servers are the brains operation of business computer networks. A server is a computer dedicated to run one or more service needed from the users. Some of the services are: secure Internet access "Fire Wall", e-mails, data backups, print services and much more. Also there are different dedicated servers such as:


Database server: were information from a program is store.

File server: were information such as file from user is store.

Mail server: is the main control center of the company email.

Proxy server: controls the gateway between you and your Internet connection, improving the safety and privacy when navigating the Internet.

Web server: are dedicated for running website you upload giving you full control and protection.

Network server: It provides various resources to workstations such as disk space, hardware access, email services and database.


What we do:

  • Recommendation of server Equipment

  • Installation and Configuration of system

  • Microsoft Server service configuration

  • Troubleshooting and maintenance.

  • Security audit, backups, updates and upgrades