Monitor you home or business from anywhere

Security Camera

Motion Sensor


Receive alert and clips automatically when your camera sense motion outside or inside of you business and/or home.


Night Recording

See in the dark even if there is no light on the protected area. Watch camera clips or live stream like it was daylight even if the area is completely dark.

Peace of Mind

Have peace of mind that you are able to watch and protect your business or home. Alert authority and have evidence to defend you rights. 

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Security System


If you have experienced theft, a break-in, vandalism, property damage, or if you want to prevent these events from happening, security cameras are right for you.


They are a great way to provide security for your workplace, as well as providing you with video footage of any event that may happen, they also act as visible deterrent to criminals. Secure your business with high quality camera and watch them over the Internet via laptops, tablets and cell phones. 

Live Stream


Watch live video footage from any location. Watch your camera from the desktop, tablet or cellphone. Shift from different cameras, view past day video footage from all the cameras. Get alerts from movements on specific or all cameras.

Our Service

Facility Assessment

We work with you needs and existing facilities condition, to give you the best service possible.

Professional Installation

Our expert will install and configure the equipment with the best practice possible.

Employee Training

Our professional will sit with you and teach you how to use your new system.

Remote Access

We will configure your system, so you are able to see live footage from anywhere in the world.