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Having trouble with your local network?

Networking Solutions

We resolved any issue with you existing local network. If you need to fix, upgraded or If your business needs to build a network infrastructure from the ground up, we can help. Providing you with the latest network system, that allows your information to be shared quickly and easily.

What is networking?


Networking is a group of computers, printers, servers and other hardware interconnected by communication cables that allow sharing of resources and information. When one or more device is able to send and receive data to other devices in the system it become a small network.

Advantages of Computer Network

  • Allow data transmission among your business.

  • Network allow different user to use the same program, allowing them to save information in a central data base server.

  • Allows users to share common set of files and software stored in a main system.

  • Allows users to share common hardware resources such as printers.

What we do:

  • Infrastructure consulting/design services

  • On-site project management

  • Cable management and clean-up

  • Cable certification and upgrades

  • Site surveys and problem resolution

  • Wireless Access Point installation

  • Installation of Coax, fiber, Cat5e, Cat6, Plenum and conduit

  • system mapping

  • 2 pole and 4 pole rack installation

  • Installation and configuration of Firewall, Checkpoints, Layer 2 & 3 Routers and Switches.

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