We troubleshoot and restore any kind of workstation

Workstation Services

Whether you're looking for a new PC, Laptop, Tablet or Software, we can find the best equipment on the market for your business and/or home needs. We are experts with hardware and software services; purchases, quote and upgrades giving you the best technology performances you will need for your work or personal entertainment.

Having issue with existing System?


If you are experiencing issues with your system such as: blue screen, unable to connect to the network, slow PC, program not working, unable to print, missing OS, unexpected shut downs or simply doesn't power up, we can help. Let our trained certified specialist services your workstation.

Virus, Malware & Spyware Removal

If your computer is running slow and not performing as usual it might be infected. But do not worry as this is a very common problem. We receive similar complaints daily and our expert techs have a standard procedure and great experience in removing virus and malware from workstations. This will maximize your computer’s speed, performance and security.

Malware and viruses are sometimes so deeply entrenched within your hard-drive and memory records that it almost becomes impossible to remove them without an Expert’s help and specialized software. This is where our certified techs will come in and perform the service.

Hardware upgrades


If you need better performance on existent workstation or expand hard drive space, we can help you find the correct and compatible hardware for you system. A hardware upgrade provides a faster performance by replacing or adding new physical part. A good example of a common hardware upgrade is a RAM upgrade, were the upgrade increases the computers total memory and speed.