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A little bit of our back story.

What we do

Geek-on Consultant touches every aspect of your company. From our service model to our company practice, we see our business as a vehicle to make an impact.

As a Small Business we put 100% of our Effort toward addressing obstacle and supporting you business improvement and progress. Through our service, we see organizations success and improvement in your business as ours. To date, we've successfully help different small and medium business on their technological needs.

Business Consulting
Computer Repair
Man with Laptop



Impact starts with how we operate. That means taking into account good ethics during every aspect of our product’s —from consultation to its service and sale. We’re into new technology; we’re into distinguished service; we’re into treating our client with respect. To ensure that anyone who use our service are well-treated, we work close with our client to uphold a rigorous professional service.


Our service are completed with maximum satisfaction. If there’s a problem with your service or product, we’ll gladly work with you to resolved any issue, replace any equipment or exchange it. Your Satisfaction is our priority.






Our mission is to bring quality service and information to our customers. Our priority is to serve and help our customer; giving us the wisdom and knowledge we need to improve upon the experience we offer to our customer. Provide excellent customer service, providing us with competitive expertise on the market.

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